Feb 06 2015

The Audio and Video Players for TV Mobile Phones

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In our daily life, audio and video entertainment is the most frequently used method for us. But the various players in the mobile phone have different effects. In order to let users get better audio and video experience, here we recommend some good ones including Symbian, Android for your reference. For supporting RMVB they have good effects.

It is Symbian S60 system mobile phone player of RMVB/RM which you do not need to convert. You can directly copy RMVB/RM files and play with it. As a RM format of professional playback software based on S60 platform, you do not need to compress or convert; you can play RM and RMVB format of video file with full screen on the mobile phone directly. Guyu is a free multimedia player based on symbian smart phone platform, and it can provide users with first class quality video experience service.

UM Player is the domestic video player which can perfectly achieve RMVB decoding. It can break the monopoly as the strongest player in the country and it achieves the only high definition player on Symbian platform. It can support 720P high definition RMVB and other common video formats such as AVI, MP4, FLV and 3GP. It greatly reduced CPU and memory uptake. It also supports speed startup, image enhancement engine, reducing picture noise, sharp quality picture presentation and low quality video with full screen.

UC is video player software which can perfectly support online streaming media playback and local video playback. It can bring you cool and smooth feeling and allow you to fully experience the fun of mobile multimedia world. RockPlayer is a high performance full format video playback program on embedded platform. With the playback core optimized for mobile devices and highly optimized FFmpeg decoders, RockPlayer has become the highest performance video playback program on the Android platform to support the most widely used video formats.

Storm audio and video player for android mobile phone uses multi-core technology to optimize the various decoding programs and also it supports a variety of mainstream video formats such as avi, wave, rm, rmvb, divx, xvid, mp4, mpeg4, flv, wmv, mkv, mov currently. Up to now there are more than 82 video formats as a total.

Of course, there are also many other audio and video players except for the aboves. They are used for TV mobile phones as a kind of entertainment software and they are very useful for us.

Jan 31 2015

Make Your Commute Less of a Hassle With Car Audio and Video Installation

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Commuting to work or school can get rather tedious. Adding a car audio and video system to your vehicle will help take the hassle out of your commute and make the time you spend in the car much more enjoyable.

When you have a long journey each day to work or school, it’s easy to get frustrated when you’re behind the wheel. This is especially true if your commute involves areas with heavy traffic. If you don’t have anything to occupy your time while you’re in the car, you can easily get annoyed and your stress levels can rise significantly. An easy way to keep this frustration at bay is to invest in a new car audio or video system for your vehicle.

With a new audio system in your car or truck, you’ll find yourself with practically endless opportunities for entertainment when you’re on the road. No longer will you have to listen to the sounds of screeching tires and honking horns. Instead, you’ll be able to relax and listen to some of your favorite tunes or catch up on the news while you’re in traffic. No matter what your listening preferences are, a new car stereo system will be a great addition to your vehicle.

If you have passengers who commute to work or school with you, a new car stereo system is also a great way to provide them with entertainment as well. A car audio or mobile video system is especially helpful if you have to transport children in your vehicle, as it will give them something to focus on and keep them from distracting you when you are behind the wheel. With no distractions, you’ll be better able to guarantee the safety of everyone in your vehicle. Overall, a nice new audio or video system in your vehicle will be a great benefit to both you and your passengers.

Consider Other Mobile Electronics

When you add a new car audio system to your vehicle, it’s a great idea to add other mobile electronics that will make your commute a lot easier. A new car GPS, for example, can be a great asset to you when you’re commuting. You won’t have to fumble around looking for a map if there is a detour, and with a car GPS, you’ll also easily be able to locate amenities such as restaurants and gas stations if you need to stop and take a break. You might also want to consider iPod in-car integration to make listening to your favorite music safer and simpler while you travel. By adding an iPod in-car integration system to your vehicle, you can easily control your playlist from your car’s stereo deck, making it much less of a distraction to find the music you’re in the mood for.

With so many great advances in mobile electronics, there is no need for you to get bored or frustrated on your daily commute. Consider adding a new stereo, GPS, or in-car iPod system to your vehicle, and commuting will no longer be a hassle. You’ll actually be able to enjoy the time that you spend in your vehicle.

Jan 23 2015

Car Audio and Video Installers To Sweeten the Ride

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It is so great buying a new automobile. The feeling of driving it home for the first time and the experience of learning the nuances and features are phenomenal. Even if it is not brand new but just new to you it is still a rush to purchase a new form of transportation. One feature that rarely is included in all the excitement of purchasing a new ride is entertainment packages. Let’s face it the stereos that come included are fairly inferior most of the time. It is as if manufacturers know and expect their customers to pick up after market electronics. Fortunately there are a lot of excellent car audio and video installers who can set up a kicking system that will make the vehicle that much more great. Today it is also not enough to just have a stereo that is good but also televisions and DVD players that allow children and passengers have a variety of entertainment options. There are several new and developing features to consider when thinking about what sort of system to get in your own vehicle.

First of all is to think about what sort of music system to get. Today there is a lot more to think about than just an AM/FM radio. There are CD players, MP3 players, and satellite radio. It is highly recommended by can audio and video installers that drivers get equipment that allows them to hook up their MP3 player to the stereo. This allows people to listen to their own music without having to hear commercials, listen to songs they don’t like or deal with static from poor reception. Almost nobody buys equipment that does not have a CD player any more. As the primary medium on which music was purchased for may years now it is hard to even get something that does not come with this standard. If you think you will be in areas with bad reception frequently or will be making long drives during which you would like to listen to one kind of channel think about satellite radio. It provides uninterrupted transmission all over the country with hundreds of stations all more a small fee each month. Also worth considering is new HD radio receivers that operate on the FM dial but provide more stations with higher quality fidelity.

It is very popular to have audio video installers put in seat televisions and DVD players in the headrests or roof so that back seat passengers may watch movies or play video games during car rides. These will keep kids and adults entertained whether the drive is simply to school in traffic or across the country for a vacation it will eliminate the dreaded “Are we there yet?” and allow the driver a measure of peace. It also makes the ride go buy much faster when there is something to do.

Car audio and video installers will be able to suggest many other features like speakers, rear seat controls and other types of input. They will be happy to discuss what will be the best system for their customers needs and show them a variety of options.