Jan 23 2015

Car Audio and Video Installers To Sweeten the Ride

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It is so great buying a new automobile. The feeling of driving it home for the first time and the experience of learning the nuances and features are phenomenal. Even if it is not brand new but just new to you it is still a rush to purchase a new form of transportation. One feature that rarely is included in all the excitement of purchasing a new ride is entertainment packages. Let’s face it the stereos that come included are fairly inferior most of the time. It is as if manufacturers know and expect their customers to pick up after market electronics. Fortunately there are a lot of excellent car audio and video installers who can set up a kicking system that will make the vehicle that much more great. Today it is also not enough to just have a stereo that is good but also televisions and DVD players that allow children and passengers have a variety of entertainment options. There are several new and developing features to consider when thinking about what sort of system to get in your own vehicle.

First of all is to think about what sort of music system to get. Today there is a lot more to think about than just an AM/FM radio. There are CD players, MP3 players, and satellite radio. It is highly recommended by can audio and video installers that drivers get equipment that allows them to hook up their MP3 player to the stereo. This allows people to listen to their own music without having to hear commercials, listen to songs they don’t like or deal with static from poor reception. Almost nobody buys equipment that does not have a CD player any more. As the primary medium on which music was purchased for may years now it is hard to even get something that does not come with this standard. If you think you will be in areas with bad reception frequently or will be making long drives during which you would like to listen to one kind of channel think about satellite radio. It provides uninterrupted transmission all over the country with hundreds of stations all more a small fee each month. Also worth considering is new HD radio receivers that operate on the FM dial but provide more stations with higher quality fidelity.

It is very popular to have audio video installers put in seat televisions and DVD players in the headrests or roof so that back seat passengers may watch movies or play video games during car rides. These will keep kids and adults entertained whether the drive is simply to school in traffic or across the country for a vacation it will eliminate the dreaded “Are we there yet?” and allow the driver a measure of peace. It also makes the ride go buy much faster when there is something to do.

Car audio and video installers will be able to suggest many other features like speakers, rear seat controls and other types of input. They will be happy to discuss what will be the best system for their customers needs and show them a variety of options.

Jan 17 2015

Best Selling Car Audio And Video

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The original car stereo was merely a radio with erratic reception. The next generation included a tape deck, but changing them was problematic and could be downright dangerous while you were driving. Todays car audio and video equipment deliver exceptional sound and picture quality, making your journey even more enjoyable.

One of the top names in audio equipment for many years is Pioneer, and there move into the car audio sector has been incredibly successful. Their DEH 2200 UB model is an outstanding example of a car audio unit. With an excellent retail price of around $80, this item really delivers on looks and sound quality. Apart from the radio you have a CD facility and also MP3. The detachable faceplate is great for security as would be thieves cannot see what kind of unit you have. There is also a USB port so you can plug in your ipod and listen to all your favorite tunes without having to change the CD’s over and over again, invaluable on a long journey. Overall a very nice piece of equipment for a relatively small price.

The Pioneer DEH 1300MP retails at around $70 and is another high quality audio device. It has all the features of it’s compatriot but doesn’t have the ipod facility. It has the Cd player and the MP3 receiver which sounds fabulous blasting through the 4 x 50 watt output. The white LCD display is very striking against the black background and makes navigation even simpler. The detachable faceplate also comes as standard. A great little unit for any car.

Although they produce great units, Pioneer aren’t the only company to have a large chunk of the car audio market. For around $60 you can get yourself the Clarion CZ300. There is no compromise of quality by paying such a small price. Radio, CD, MP3, ipod compatible and blue tooth are just some of the features that the Clarion have packed into this device. The addition of the blue tooth makes for safe, hands free conversations through your compatible cell phone. It will also play the music you have stored on the MP3 within your cell phone, This may be a budget priced machine, but the features are anything but.

So you have a great audio system, and are looking to increase the sound quality. If this is the position you find yourself in, the Pyle PL634BL 3 way speaker system might be just what you are looking for. These speakers measure 6.5 inches across and can easily handle a mighty 360 watts of power. The woofer has a poly injection cone and a surround of rubber butyl. Coming ready to install with all cables, grills and mounting hardware, and retailing at a mere $20, these speakers are what your audio system have been waiting for.

If you are one of the many of thousands of motorist who know have DVD in your car to amuse the kids on loud journeys, you may have come across this problem. The kids are happy in the back but you can’t hear your music over the sound of the DVD. XO vision took this on board and produced the IR620 universal wireless folding headphones. These headphones are incredibly comfortable to wear with extra cushioning in the ear cups. The generous adjustability makes them suitable for everyone from tots to adults. The control buttons are located on the side of the headphones for convenience and ease of use. For less than $20, every parent should have some of these!

Jan 11 2015

Car Audio and Video Crest Car Park

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When youEUR(TM)re searching for a method to start being active. customization to your auto you very well may want to consider modernizing your head unit. Certain itEUR(TM)s nothing can beat finding a new paint as well as brand-new rims however it contains the task finished, plus youEUR(TM)ll make use of this essentially the most.

Receiving other alterations in your vehicle that are dramatic could entice unwanted focus and may make it tougher to search on your travels. Its not all focus isn’t good, specifically getting it in the opposite gender. Huge rims may not be your lifestyle, maybe vehicle might not need to have a fresh new coat of color however, you nevertheless miss that one aspect that creates you want to invest in a drive. You might perform a specific work exactly where flashiness will be frowned on along with to keep a specific graphic; if thatEUR(TM)s you then your choices are restricted. You would like something that wonEUR(TM)t become a needless spending. In contrast to Television sets inside your seat, even though individuals tend to be quite awesome, yet youEUR(TM)re not a family members individual however so you’ve absolutely no make use of with regard to products as such. Placing your name within the floor mat just isnEUR(TM)t your look and may also send out a bad concept with regards to you. YouEUR(TM)re an average individual trying to create a fair investment that would be worth the cost, and then an up-to-date mobile entertainment method is your option.

1st, letEUR(TM)s go directly. When contemplating getting a brand-new method a number of keywords may possibly take into your head like deafening, irritating, hard of hearing, or even worthless. Nicely IEUR(TM)m below to inform you that, individuals noisy methods the thing is in the media or perhaps with the community eating place are just through option. Sure, itEUR(TM)s almost all preference to get subwoofers in which shake the chair a great deal it is like youEUR(TM)re in the space dispatch as well as amplifiers which allows the full neighborhood know youEUR(TM)re residence through perform. A person donEUR(TM)t ought to equip your vehicle with your issues so that you can have fun with this due to the fact one of the best facets of mobile entertainment Crest Car park will be straightforwardness. You will find the ability to customise your current listening expertise exactly the method youEUR(TM)ve always wished the idea. An individual donEUR(TM)t have to think that youEUR(TM)re in a live concert area however, if a smaller area is a lot more your look after that therefore whether it is.

You may be a family an associate which Televisions in the headrest can be appropriate however youEUR(TM)ll need a car audio and video Crest Car park system to go with the particular looking at experience. Consider, taking a excursion with the fam with minimum diversion from unwanted feelings out of your children as well as partner, we all need sometime in each of our mind, and never having to bother about maintaining anyone amused as well as satisfied. YouEUR(TM)d be described as a main character in your kids, your spouse would adore you, and also on your own would likely thank you. You simply transformed that awful travel on your in-laws home in to a thing enjoyable even though you possibly will not such as all of them, you’ve more cause to wish to acquire rear on the road.

HereEUR(TM)s an opportunity to love your vehicle yet again, by undertaking something which will be long-lasting.

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